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Foundational Financial Plan (FFP) 

Includes a thorough and complete collection of all client’s financial information, client’s financial goals & objectives, an assessment of client’s financial and investment knowledge, an assessment of client’s investment objectives & risk tolerance, and an assessment of client’s willingness & ability to manage their own finances.  FFP will provide information on optimizing client’s insured returns on checking and savings accounts, appropriate and best use of credit and credit cards, understanding credit scores & reporting, basic investment strategy, and long range retirement planning.  Also, FFP will include recommendations regarding the advisability of the client to self-manage their financial affairs and/or their need for ongoing professional assistance. 

Budgeting & Debt Management (BDM)

Includes review of and recommendations for client’s budgeting process and a complete review of all client’s debt (mortgage, auto, student loans, equity lines, credit card debt, etc.).  BDM will provide recommendations for refinance, consolidation, restructure, payment strategy, and/or bankruptcy as appropriate to client’s specific situation.  

Investment Plan & Strategy (IPS)

Includes a complete review of client’s investment portfolio and performance.  IPS will evaluate client’s short range, medium range, and long term financial needs to provide a specific asset allocation and diversification plan across and within asset classes.  College savings 529 plans and Michigan Educational Trusts will be recommended when appropriate.  In addition IPS includes an asset building strategy and a rebalancing plan.  Guidance will be provided for selecting potential brokers and managing brokerage accounts.  

Retirement Financial Planning (RFP)

Includes identification of client’s retirement lifestyle goals, assistance developing a retirement budget, and a financial plan to meet those goals.  RFP will provide an optimum Social Security strategy, evaluation of employment retirement plan options, annuity options, reverse mortgages, and managing cash flow.  RFP will use Monte Carlo analysis to compare the probability of success of retirement plan scenarios.  Also, RFP will provide guidance in converting employer retirement distributions, 401(k) and/or 403(b) plan assets into IRA accounts.  Guidance will be provided on selecting a broker and managing retirement accounts. 

Retirement Health Care (RHC)

Includes understanding Medicare rules plus evaluation and recommendations for Medicare Supplement plans or Medicare Advantage Plans.  RHC includes a review of pre-Medicare health care options for clients retiring prior to age 65.  Also, RHC will provide information and recommendations on long term care insurance.

Elder Care Management (ECM)

Includes a discussion of issues clients need to consider if and when they face responsibility for care of elder relatives.  This will include the key elements and importance of documents like Power of Attorney, Advance Directives, and an overview of trusts.  Also, ECM will provide basic information about in home care, assisted living, nursing home care, and a brief overview of Medicaid planning strategy.